How Did Mark Twain Die – (1835 – 1910)


Date of Birth November 30, 1835
Date Of Death April 21, 1910
Age 74 Years
Death Cause  Heart Attack

Mark Twain was born on November 30, 1835, two weeks after Halley’s Comet’s closest approach in 1835. And as per his own prediction, he died of a “Heart Attack” on April 21, 1910, in Stormfield, one month before Halley’s Comet passed Earth that year!

Mark Twain, whose real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens lived for 74 years but contributed to the literacy and wisdom for thousands of years. He was a writer, humorist, businessman, publisher, and lecturer from the United States of America. His career in writing began in 1863, and he worked for publications like the “Territorial Enterprise”, “The Sacramento Union”, “The Alta California”, and the “New York Tribune”.

Mark Twain was married to Olivia Langdon, and they had four children, including daughters Susy, Clara, and Jean. His parents were John Marshall Clemens and Jane Lampton Clemens, and he had a brother named Orion Clemens. Twain’s literary influence spanned the American Realism movement, and he remains an iconic figure in American literature to this day.

Life is short, break the rules, Forgive quickly, kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile! (Mark Twain)

People often said he was the funniest writer in the United States, and a famous writer, William Faulkner, even called him “the father of American literature.” Mark Twain was 74 years old at the time of his death on April 21, 1910 he also pursued many things in his life besides writing, such as he is a businessman and also a lecturer. Moreover, he loved scientific investigation and remained close friends with Nikola Tesla. 

  • Mark Twain’s Later Years and Personal Losses

Mark Twain spent his later years in Manhattan, specifically at 14 West 10th Street. He experienced severe personal losses at this time, including the passing of his wife Olivia, daughter Jean, and daughter Susy. He was psychologically deeply touched by these heartbreaking occurrences. His inner distress was worsened further by the death of his close friend Henry Rogers in May 1909.

  • His Involvement in Philanthropy & His Literary Recognition

Mark Twain made important charitable contributions. He offered to donate autographed portrait photos for his friend Ina Coolbrith, who had almost nothing left after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. In addition, he started the Angel Fish and Aquarium Club, a group of young women he considered to be his adopted grandchildren. He made enduring friendships with several girls, especially Dorothy Quick. Twain’s charitable endeavours highlighted his compassion. In addition, he was awarded honorary degrees from illustrious colleges like Yale and Oxford in recognition of his important contributions to literature.

  • His Mysterious Connection to Halley’s Comet and His Passing

The relationship Mark Twain had with Halley’s Comet was really unreal and mysterious. In 1909, he made the infamous forecast that he would “go out” with the comet’s return. He was born in 1835, two weeks after the comet’s closest encounter with the Earth. He did really die on April 21, 1910, barely one month before Halley’s Comet visited Earth that year. 

Twain’s prediction About His Death: I came in 1835, along with Halley’s Comet. Next year I absolutely plan to join it again. If I don’t go with Halley’s Comet, It will be the greatest disappointment of my life. The Almighty has undoubtedly announced that “Here are two unaccountable freaks, they came together and have to go together.”

Although the visible reason is a heart attack, his strange connection with Halley’s Comet made his passing even more mysterious to fans. His final resting place is in Woodlawn Cemetery in Elmira, New York, next to his wife’s family plot, which is commemorated by a 12-foot monument. His funeral service was held at the Brick Presbyterian Church on Fifth Avenue in New York, and he was laid to rest there.

  • About Mark Twain Award for American Humor

It’s a Tribute! The John F. Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., started the Mark Twain Prize for American Humour in 1998. It honours people who have made a big difference in American society like the comedian Mark Twain did in the 1800s. The name of the esteemed award reflects Mark Twain’s reputation as a bold social speaker and defender of social unfairness and personal arrogance.

As the literary Comet faded from our skies, fans deeply felt the loss of Mark Twain’s brilliance, who is a prominent star in the galaxy of American literature!

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